Elevating Patient Care

The CoRead Quality System targets known radiologist blind-spots.

Healing begins with the right diagnosis

Improving patient outcomes starts with identifying the correct root cause of the problem. Despite years of training and experience, radiologists are still human. Our Quality System helps to identify weak spots in practice patterns.

Redefining radiology

Technological innovation will help ensure that radiologists will continue to provide the highest-quality of care to patients possible. The combination of our proprietary workflows and in-house radiologists are bringing that future to patients today.

A new standard of care

We envision a future where providers can practice with ease of mind, and patients get the highest quality of care. Our system takes existing quality assurance measures to the next level and ultimately helps providers enhance the healthcare experience.

Our Solution: Quality Assurance Service

CoRead's Quality Assurance Service has been validated on millions of studies across the country to help flag medical errors on radiology exams. Good feedback forms the cornerstone of improving future practice.
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CoRead By The Numbers

Life-threatening misdiagnoses identified across production deployments per day
Pathologies in production and development
Hospital sites' data are running through our Quality System

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Let's bring in a new era of quality to our patients.

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