Practice Higher Confidence Radiology
with Our Safety Net


Blind Spot Analysis

CoRead's QA system has been designed by radiologists who are well aware of the blind spots in the field. Our board-certified and licensed radiologists can provide your practice with actionable and timely insights to help elevate the quality of patient care to your practices.

Streamlined QA

Traditional Quality Assurance can be time-consuming and low-yield. Our Quality System can increase the yield of QA activities by more than 100x, finding more misses than ever before.


CoRead’s Quality System is robust and has been validated on data from over 2,000 hospital sites in the US.


New technology and innovation in the radiology often means further cluttering the radiologists' workflow with even more data to review. Our in-house radiologists have direct involvement with every case and join your team to elevate the quality and efficiency of your practice.

Let the CoRead Quality System and its radiologists join your team to bring patient care to a higher level than ever before.

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